How to Prepare for Your First Medical Dispensary Tour

At the moment, medical marijuana is legalized in more than half of all states. Once you have your MMJ card, legal permits you to visit a dispensary. There you can purchase as much cannabis as your state allows.

Although dispensary trips are often enjoyable for experienced users, they can also be stressful for newbie’s. This guide will help ease your anxiety and get you ready for the trip. We will discuss what you should bring and what you can expect.

Be aware of your needs

You should choose the preferred method of consumption if you are a new user. You have the following options:

The classic version of marijuana is you can add it in a joint, blunt, or bong. You can either smoke or vape it, but it is quick-acting. A different product is needed if you have lung disease.

 Tinctures these cannabis oils can be consumed by themselves, or added to food or drinks. They are more effective than edibles and take longer to kick in than vape or smoked cannabis oils.

Concentrates these potent cannabis products are not for novices. In a vaping device or dab-rig, users will usually place small amounts of shatter or wax.

Edibles these items are cannabis-infused foods, drinks, and beverages. They are an easy way to get started with marijuana. There is no need to be concerned about the smell. It is more difficult to use edibles than other forms of intake. For new users, you should only use a small amount. You must wait at least 2 hours before feeling the effects.

Cannabis Type Contrary to what you might think, marijuana can come in different forms. A Sativa learning strain is likely to give you energy, focus, and more. An Indica -leaning cannabis strain can make you feel relaxed and sedated. Think about what you want cannabis effects to be.

How much time do you have?

It is best to allow yourself plenty of time for your CBD dispensary visit. This will allow you to receive significant assistance from the staff. If you are open to learning, dispensary assistants and bud tenders will help you.

However, it is important to research the experience in advance if you want to ‘get in’ and ‘get out.

Store Availability and Legal Considerations

Do your research online to find out if there are licensed dispensaries near you. Google can provide information about opening hours but it is better to call the business for confirmation.

Double-checking whether MMJ is legal in your country and state is a good idea. Yes, there are some areas in states that allow recreational cannabis to be used. It is possible to buy cannabis from another county and then bring it home. It is illegal.

What Can I Expect from the Medical Dispensary?

You might feel nervous about your first visit even if you do everything you can to prepare. Here are some general guidelines.

A dispensary staff member can usually spot a newcomer within a mile! Although you might be a complete novice, dispensary staff is used to working with people with different levels of experience and needs. Ask as many questions and the staff will be able to answer them all. The staff will try to adapt the experience to meet your needs. Tell them what interests you and they will be able to assist you.


Some visitors who visit for the first time are often disconcerted by the level of security. You can expect security guards, cameras, and protected entrances. But this is common practice so don’t be alarmed. This security system is designed to ensure your safety.


There are rules and etiquette that you must follow when operating a medical marijuana dispensary. It will vary depending on which business you are working for. But, dispensaries generally don’t allow anyone to take pictures inside. It’s a good idea for you to inspect the signs and ask staff if you have any questions. A dispensary may have slightly different rules from a regular retail store.

Other than that, dispensaries should be treated the same way as any other store. You can give your customers space and privacy, for example. Also, avoid distracting other customers by leaving your phone on silent.

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